• 10 Essential Power Tools

    25 December 2012

        Top 12 Essential Power Tools     12. Power-Hand Plane Hand planes are used for removing very thin layers of wood, trimming and smoothing, straightening edges or beveling them, and even adding a groove. This is the perfect tool for fitting any type of door.     11. Small Angle Grinder… Read More

  • Composting and Wormeries

    22 December 2012

    Did you know you can make your own fabulous fertiliser without chemicals or harmful additives?   And you can recycle your kitchen peelings and waste food as well, ultimately adding it back to the soil in a perfect cycle, to grow more food and vegetables.

    You can make Liquid Gold, for such is the value of good fertiliser,  by buying and stocking a wormery - these come in the… Read More

  • Hydroponics Basics

    21 April 2012

    Hydroponics Gardening Many gardeners are beginning to switch to Hydroponics gardening for many different reasons.  These types of gardens are small and can easily be grown inside and are perfect for most vegetables, especially the red tomato.  Also the equipment required for Hydroponics gardening is not expensive and they are relatively easy to… Read More

  • Japanese Gardens

    21 April 2012

    Japanese Gardening Japanese gardening is a cultural form of gardening that is meant to produce a scene that mimics nature as much as possible by using trees, shrubs, rocks, sand, artificial hills, ponds, and flowing water as art-forms.  The Zen and Shinto traditions are both a large part of Japanese gardening and, because of this; the gardens have a… Read More

  • Make Your Hedge Wildlife Friendly

    21 April 2012

    It’s easy to think of hedges simply as strips of neatly cut privet, but they don’t have to be so dull and uninspiring. With a little planning, you can turn even the smallest hedge into a major asset to your wildlife garden – and it will look wonderful. 

    We have lost more than half of our rural hedges in the past 50 years and many that remain are in poor condition, dominated by one… Read More
  • Original Organics

    11 March 2012

    We welcome a new Organic Gardening supplier to our site.......


    They supply wormeries, composters and all items associated with organic gardening,  take a look at their products via THIS LINK  or simply search on our site , we're sure you will find something enticing in their range!