• Composting and Wormeries

    22 December 2012

    Did you know you can make your own fabulous fertiliser without chemicals or harmful additives?   And you can recycle your kitchen peelings and waste food as well, ultimately adding it back to the soil in a perfect cycle, to grow more food and vegetables.

    You can make Liquid Gold, for such is the value of good fertiliser,  by buying and stocking a wormery - these come in the form of small bins with tray inserts, where permeable mats and clear substrate form a home for a stock of Tiger Worms obtained from a reputable source, such as the outlets available here in our Garden Centre.

    By filling the trays, stocking them with worms and adding food for the worms to make into Liquid Fertiliser, you can tap off a steady stream of wonderfully nutritious worm waste, which your plants and vegetables will absolutely love - they will thrive and grow luxuriously with a diluted dose of the concentrated worm waste which you tap off regularly.

    Wormeries are wonderful additions to any household, small or large. And they are relatively inexpensive to purchase, and will save you a small fortune in fertiliser!


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