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Aubergine Italian Eggplant Bellezza Nera SeedsTraditional, large oval to round, darkly coloured fruits with excellent flavour and texture, an essential ingredient in many Italian and Greek dishes. Best grown in a greenhouse or frame.
Bean Planter Grow BagBudget bean planter
3 Pack Of Tomato Planter TubsWe have a small number of these simple tomato planting tubs available to clear. They have been in our warehouse for several years and never made it onto our website so are now a little dusty but other than that are as good as new.They are black and c...
Aubergine (Eggplant) Jackpot 15 SeedsA new favouriteProlific cropping variety yielding average 3oz (80g). Dark Purple fruits over a long cropping period. Exceptional early establishment and good vigour along with a compact spineless attractive plant makes this an Ideal garden variety. S...
Draper 3082 Automatic PlanterBuy Draper 3082 Automatic Planter from Amazon. We check everywhere online for the lowest prices for Draper 3082 Automatic Planter. The best price is £3.11
Nutley's Hanging Tomato Growbag Planter - Dark GreenIdeal for growing tomatoes plant
Jml Topsy Turvy Tomato PlanterThis ingenious growing system makes it easy to grow a fruitful crop of delicious, plump tomatoes.
Levington Tomorite Plant Food, 1 LitreLevington Tomorite is the nation's favourite liquid plant food for tomatoes. Trusted by generations of tomato growers. The perfect choice for tasty tomatoes as well as for any flowering pot plants that appreciate a high potash feed. Tomorite is also ...
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Article by Steinharter Bierly

There are many reasons to get involved with organic vegetable gardening, and having your own fresh vegetables is one of the main benefits. You can have a traditional type garden, or one that’s built around your own needs and environment -it’s not necessary to have many acres of land, for example. If you keep the following suggestions in mind, you’ll find that having your own organic vegetable garden isn’t very difficult at all.

Using the appropriate soil is one of the main considerations to address when you start a garden. If you don’t know how to tell how healthy your soil is by looking at it, you can send it to an organization who will test it for you. If you want to do this yourself, that’s also possible if you buy a test kit that measures the acidity of your soil. The recommended PH of soil for a vegetable garden is 5.5 to 7.5 -so if it falls outside this range, you will have to improve your soil or purchase higher quality soil. It’s better to go out and purchase some soil rather than try to start your garden with soil that’s not very healthy. Your soil is the basis for your garden, so you can’t overlook this factor.

Then you can think about nourishing your soil with compost, which you can supply from your own home or buy. While it’s good to know that organic vegetables haven’t been sprayed with potentially harmful substances, you still have to find a way to keep pests from ravaging your garden. It’s essential to find natural and creative ways to prevent insects from eating up and destroying your garden. While some insects are a menace to your garden, other insects, as well as other types of wildlife, can help you get rid of these pests. You should find out what the local pests are in your area and then research who likes to eat them -this will often be birds, other (non-harmful) insects and perhaps frogs and toads. One simple and pleasant way to bring more birds to your garden is to set up a birdhouse and keep it stocked with goodies. Similarly, by having a body of water (which doesn’t have to be large) near your garden, you’ll make it an attractive environment for frogs, who also eat lots of bugs.

Many people today are trying to improve their diets, and organic vegetable gardens make it simple to do this.

Non-organic produce may contain all kinds of chemicals and pesticide residues. GMOs, or genetically modified organisms are another concern many people have about modern food as well. The fact is, when you look at a fruit or vegetable at the store, it could be from almost anywhere and sprayed with almost anything. In your own organic garden, you have complete control over these factors. It’s also good for the environment to eat locally grown produce that hasn’t been shipped from hundreds of miles away. The advantages of organic vegetable gardening are becoming well known, so why not participate in this healthy trend? Don’t try to do too much at first, but just be happy to grow a few select vegetables. You’ll soon be grateful that you have your own supply of fresh organic vegetables growing right outside your front door.